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Copper Alloy Castings (Brass Castings, Bronze Castings)

Welcome to visit our website of copper castings, you can get the copper alloy products with full service and enjoy the pleasure with one-stop service.
We mainly offer Brass castings and bronze castings these two main copper alloy castings . Usually we get them by Die Casting, Permanent mold die casting and sand casting. The choice of manufacture process depends on the customer requirements and tech needs.
We can supply most grades of brass castings including Yellow Brass Castings, Red Brass Castings, Silicon Brass Castings, as well as most grades of bronze castings for many industries and applications including Tin Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, and Manganese Bronze.

At present, the factory can make 3g to 3kgs copper alloy castings, and also can do fine polishing or mirror polish to make the surface pretty smooth and shining, without any eyehole and stain, those products are sound sells. such as brass handle, brass decoration, sanitary hardware, no leakage and high airproof products as pump component, water meter housing, water nozzle, hin-wall parts with complex shapes as fountain lamp, brass faucet
We have years of experience in copper casting and provide high quality and cost effective solutions to meet the client's requirements.



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