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Special Cast Iron (Alloy cast iron)

Besides gray iron and ductile iron castings, you also can get Special cast irons the alloy cast iron from us. The alloy iron are for special applications, generally high alloyed. 
Alloy cast irons differ from the common cast irons mainly in the higher content of alloying elements (>3%), which promote microstructures having special properties for elevated-temperature applications, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. We can offer the alloy cast iron castings as below:

Wear resistant cast iron: High Chromium cast iron (HCCI), low alloy white iron, medium Manganese ductile iron, low alloy white cast iron, chilled
cast iron. Corrosion Resistant Cast Iron: High Silicon Cast Iron 
Heat Resistant Cast Iron: medium Silicon cast Iron, High Chromium cast Iron, Ni-Cr-Si cast iron, Ni-Cr nodular cast iron.

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